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Visual Artist 

Our personal impressions are impersonal. I am everyone and no one, Soo Kes says. It doesn’t matter who I am. I am unlike anyone, but always one with everyone. I’m you and you are me. The difference is a mere illusion. 


Soo Kes’s biography began in a quite interesting way. She was born in Hungary during the years of Soviet rule and later moved abroad with her parents. The little Soos, unlike other children, could not learn English, German, Italian, French, and other languages easily. It would be expected that she would have learned these languages during her constant relocations to all these different countries with her family. Instead, she always just drew and drew. For a long time, this visual language was the only language that she spoke. This activity helped her connect with her environment, made her happy, and was the only path to success in her life. As a young adult she returned to Hungary and then from there she moved to Israel. She settled in Tel Aviv, started a family, and has lived and worked there for over twenty years.


Solo exhibitions

Meaning Disorder / Cinematheque - Tel Aviv, Israel

Interaction / Studio Gabi & Dani - Tel Aviv, Israel

Inspiration / Studio Gabi & Dani - Tel Aviv, Israel

Common quotient / Tel Aviv - Solo Exhibition, Israel

Urban / Gallery Stern - Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo Exhibition / Tel Aviv Artists House - Tel Aviv, Israel


Group exhibitions

Darkness / Fusion Art Museum - New York, United States

Drawing in the Picture / Studio Arthura - Tel Aviv, Israel

Wandering Library Project / Biennale Venice - Venice, Italy

spring fair / Birmingham - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Ambiente / Frankfurt - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

Four young Hungarian artist / Amalia Arbel Gallery - Tel-Aviv, Israel

Art of Today / Hungarian National Gallery - Budapest, Hungary


Permanent collections

El-Al Airways , Israel

Intel, Ltd , Israel

Agamim Hotel, Eilat, Israel

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Bank Leumi , Israel

Contact / Phone: 972-54-476-3075

6 Ben Semen Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6744233 Israel


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